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Interview with Daniel Izza - Chairman of the Supporters Trust

BoltonTillIDie | Published sat Aug 19, 2017 1:29 am

1) What made you decide to get involved with the Supporters Trust?
I have been a supporter for 40 years.  I had become increasingly frustrated that the club was becoming more remote from the fans in the Gartside era. The events of winter 2015/16 convinced me that the ownership of the club should be broader with greater fan involvement and look to integrate the club further into the Bolton community.

2) What role is the Trust currently playing?

To support the club, support the specific aim of promoting young talent, improve the matchday experience, keep the views of the fans in the mind of the club, hold the owners to account in respect of major decisions

3) How much is the Trust working with the club?

We are working closely with the club on several issues – a working relationship is essential. We remain independent and on other issues we are keeping the owners to account.

4) What do you make of the club’s current position on and off the pitch?

Delighted at the promotion as the increased revenue of the Championship and the expiry of Premier League legacy contracts mean that the club is closer to stability and sustainability. We are under no illusion that investment and lifting the EFL embargo are huge priorities. After managing the difficult period to date, there needs to be a vision as to how the club is to move forward.

5) What are the Trust’s aims for the future?

As a community benefit society, we aim to promote the voice of the fan at the highest level within the club. Our aspiration is to help achieve greater success for the club

6) What are your predictions for this season?

The season must be about consolidation and stabilising the club. The removal of the embargo is a priority as without a broader squad, the club will find it difficult to compete. Being realistic and assuming we keep the restricted squad fit, I would hope for mid table.

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