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AFC Wimbledon 1-2 BWFC - Match Report Post #44

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Frank Worthington
Frank Worthington
scottjames30 wrote:
Boggersbelief wrote:Maybe those asking for a match report should have actually attended the game. Shithouses

They're just jealous of you pal, at least you can hold your head up, ( you actually go to games ) unlike some of these cowards.
Climb out Scott  Razz


Frank Worthington
Frank Worthington
whatsgoingon wrote:
To Be Frank wrote:
Sluffy wrote:
To Be Frank wrote:first time we've won back to back games in the league since nov7th 2014.  Mad

Great stat!

A belated hello and welcome Frank.

I don't know if you found the Nuts 'Chat Box' when the match was on but most of our posters use it to chat live with each other during game time.

You (or anyone else for that matter) are more than welcome to join in with us for future matches whilst we are listening to Radio Nuts.

Very Happy

thanks sluffy I will defo bear that in mind. 
glad I found this site.... superb (except for a few "nutters"  Shocked)
You'll know you've arrived on here when you've been called a bum chum or bell end or had a thread with a conspiracy named after you.
It can be a laugh but there are a few knobs about and occasionally talk of football breaks out and even less occasionally someone says something intelligent.
When Nat has referred to you  as a bellend (which won't take long) then you know you have arrived as a fully paid up Nut. Take it as a compliment as (s)he doesn't really mean it.

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