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Stupid Police

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1 Stupid Police on Fri Dec 02 2016, 23:27


Ivan Campo
Ivan Campo
Does anyone really believe there is any evidence to support this waste of time and money? The fact that this idiot believes in "satanic abuse" is pretty conclusive proof that he is an idiot.

This provides more background:

2 Re: Stupid Police on Fri Dec 02 2016, 23:59


Andy Walker
Andy Walker
Bit complicated to wade through on a Friday night so I'll probably come back to it in the morning if that's ok.

For the record, I have no idea about whether or not Ted Heath was a fiddler and he may well have been but equally he may not.

It's fashionable nowadays to bring this stuff up apparently after Savile's death opened the floodgates and lest we forget, dead men not only tell no tales but neither can they defend themselves in the face of unproven anecdotal accusations.

I'm not saying that the twat from Leeds with the shit hair and the Norman Bates Mother Complex was innocent; obviously not - that weird twat was guilty and it's a travesty that the establishment covered it up for years.

But this just feels like another one of those cyclic news stories which do the rounds.

Some kid gets eaten by an American Pit Bull in Stoke and suddenly three more get savaged in short order in various random locations in the UK and it's suddenly a pressing issue which needs dealing with.

"Ban the Devil Dogs!"

And then something else happens and all the reporters run off to cover it and we've got a new scandal to get righteously annoyed about.

I dunno......

It just sounds like sensationalism to me.

If Ted Heath bummed little boys whilst wearing a devil mask and nipple clamps, his memory deserves shaming, obviously.

(Although personally I'm more annoyed by the fact that he was responsible for bringing in the law which says that you don't get paid for your first three days of being sick - They're the days when you're most sick, ffs....)

If there's any concrete proof......

But is there?

3 Re: Stupid Police on Sat Dec 03 2016, 08:27


Ivan Campo
Ivan Campo
The second link does provide some more detailed background to this case.

Some police forces (South Yorkshire especially) have a problem admitting they are wrong. Basing investigations purely on the basis of known fantasists like "Nick" and loonies who claim to have been satanically abused seems like a recipe for disaster though.

4 Re: Stupid Police on Sat Dec 03 2016, 09:48


Youri Djorkaeff
Youri Djorkaeff
I remember many years ago when it was 'understood', much like Cliff Richard, that Ted Heath had an interest in those of his own gender. I remember a joke that was going around at the time. After falling in the water, off his yacht Morning Cloud, somebody shouted 'do you want a buoy', whereupon he was supposed to have answered, 'not now, I'm bloody drowning'. This must have been 30 or more years ago.

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