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One for Whittam.

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1 One for Whittam. on Sat Apr 08 2017, 01:28


Andy Walker
Andy Walker
Public Enemy.

Like you, I've been a massive fan since 1987, when the PE first erupted into our consciousness with the seminal "Yo! Bum rush the show."

Swiftly followed up with 88's "Fear of A Black Planet" - Seminal.

I was there in 1988, one of about ten white blokes at the Powerhouse in Birmingham as Chuck D implored the assembled masses to throw off the shackles of white oppression and overthrow their "massus".

Well, I wasn't no "massoh" of anybody but I could still see people suddenly giving me and my mate Mick (from Horwich and fellow Bolton fan) some seriously odd looks.

So we bailed. And didn't stop running until we got back to the halls.

Anyroad, my main point is: Flavor Flav: What's the point?

Can you honestly say that you can tell what he's saying half the time?

Be honest.....?

I've got all their albums and Chuck D's lines are well enunciated (can't believe I've just said that in  a comment about rap on a football forum) and you can tell what he's saying.

911 may well be a joke but if you can't tell what the bloke at the other end of the phone's saying, is it really your fault if it all goes tits up?

Mr Pig, feel free to chip in because I know that you knows your music.  Very Happy

Peace out, dawg.....

Caveat: Drunk when written. All rights reserved. Intellectual property rights retained by the author. But feel free to republish. Because the word needs to be spread.

2 Re: One for Whittam. on Sat Apr 08 2017, 09:18


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
i like Flav, PE wouldn't be the same without him. He is the opposite of Chuck D and brings a bit of light relief at times otherwise it may get too political. He's probably better in gigs as he doesn't get much of a look in on the records

I get your point about being uncomfortable, i used to listen to a lot of Ice Cubes early albums and they were the same, a lot of hate for white people. Great albums which i'll have to dig out again but uncomfortable listening for us white homies  Very Happy

3 Re: One for Whittam. on Sat Apr 08 2017, 14:29

Natasha Whittam

Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
It wouldn't be PE without Flav. The man was more intelligent than he was given credit for, although he's become a bit of a bellend in recent years.

Although PE's first two albums are ace, personally I prefer 'Fear of A Black Planet' and 'Apocolypse 91'.

4 Re: One for Whittam. on Sat Apr 08 2017, 14:36


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Brucie put them to shame at Glasto. Cool

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