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Top of Leauge 1 or Bottom in Championship.

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1 Top of Leauge 1 or Bottom in Championship. on Tue Sep 26 2017, 12:07

Wanderers for 45

Mario Jardel
Mario Jardel
Would you prefer a season where we are going for Promotion winning over 50% of matches and going home looking forward to watching the reruns of our wins.
Or five straight home losses fucking constant misery. Or we are happy to stay up and try and somehow get bought by someone with money and have a go at getting back to the Premiership.


El Hadji Diouf
El Hadji Diouf
You can't have one without the other unless you can compete financially. I'll be more than happy if we're able to pull off some kind of miracle and stay up this season.

I'm sure a high % of promoted teams battle with relegation the following season unless they're in a position to splash the cash and level the playing field. With the restrictions we've had for the past couple of years, and the financial state we were dumped in, we should only have anticipated a long and miserable season.

With the exception of 2008/09 (Megson in case you were wondering) we've actually been in decline since the 2006/07 season so at least we halted a decade long slide last year:

Premier League
2005/06: 8th
2006/07: 7th
2007/08: 16th
2008/09: 13th
2009/10: 14th
2010/11: 14th
2011/12: 18th RELEGATED

2012/13: 7th
2013/14: 14th
2014/15: 18th
2015/16: 24th RELEGATED

League 1
2016/17: 2nd PROMOTED
2017/18: ???


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Afternoon Fin. Tells a sad tale that list doesn't it.

And those three question marks hang heavy.


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
i'm sure the plan was for us to stay up somehow this season, sell the club and then look to the future with a richer owner than KA. 

With the way things stand we are going down and KA will struggle to attract anyone willing to take us on as we would be much more attractive as a Championship side.

Being a yo-yo club between league 1 and the Championship isn't anywhere near as exciting or profitable as doing it between the Prem and the Championship.


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
When we were last getting relegated from the Championship a lot of us (including me) thought it would be good to drop a division to rebuild both the team and gain the confidence of a few wins. During that period we shed a lot of good players including our better youth prospects and although we got promoted and gained a bit of confidence we seem to have gone backwards in terms of our prospects of being able to stabilise our position in the Championship. But all hope isn't lost yet. There's a long way to go this season and if we can stay clear of further injuries and suspensions and Parky finally abandons his packed defence approach we may yet survive. For our longer term prospects and an improved financial position, staying in the Championship is by far the better option for the club so let's hope this debacle can be turned around.


Andy Walker
Andy Walker
The aim of promotion is to play at an higher level, we achieved that, i wil still take survival in this league over our success last year. The OP makes the assumtion that we will operate at the top of league 1 after  relegation, Sheff United found it difficult to get out of that division, before you know it you could be watching a struggling Div 1 team. 

I can never understand the it's better to get relegated bollocks, or were not ready for the Prem arguement, if you earn the right you take your chance. If Burton can survive then anything less from BWFC is unacceptable.

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