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Smart TV - can you answer this question?

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1 Smart TV - can you answer this question? on Fri Jun 29 2018, 17:42


I bought a Smart TV (as a replacement to having an HDTV with a separate subscription box from Virgin for recording and catchup etc).

The smart TV is advertised as "pause and rewind live tv", record using a usb, cathup tv built in etc etc...

However, on actually using the TV I found this:

If I pause the live TV, you can't open the guide while it's on pause. It says "are you sure you want to exit time shift mode?" Frustrating.

I can't start a program recording after it has already started.

If I schedule a recording, I can't watch another channel at the same time.

I can't rewind the live TV. UNLESS I have previously pressed pause and thus entered time shift mode. 

So technically you can "pause and rewind live tv" as advertised but it's pretty misleading. I would have to know in advance that I would want to rewind something and then pause it before the bit I want to rewind.

My question is this.
Does anyone else have a smart tv which they use in place of an external box? And is this sort of thing normal?

My only solution at the moment is to buy a stand alone external box, which there are good ones, but that would defeat the whole object of paying for a smart tv to have YouTube, Netflix, Catchup TV, Guide, pause, rewind, etc etc etc built in - because we would just end up using the box instead of the tv features.


Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly
I think they "Have the ability to record" Bit of confusion from the industry. I can pause and rewind what I happen to be watching but if I need to record I have a Humax box. You might be able to record to a USB device but if your TV has only a single tuner then it would probably be a no-no. Ask the geezer in the local TV hutch to give you a demo and see how he does it. or try the below wotsit.
Quote "To record the programme you're currently watching, press the record [R] button on your remote control. You can also set a recording now or in the future within the TVguide. Use the arrow keys to locate and highlight the programme you want to record, and then press the record [R] button on your remote control."


Frank Worthington
Frank Worthington
thank God I'm old and haven't a clue what this thread is about!!


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
@rammywhite wrote:thank God I'm old and haven't a clue what this thread is about!!
I agree. Give it a good thump.

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