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Ken Anderson - update.

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151 Re: Ken Anderson - update. on Fri Aug 10 2018, 00:15


Today’s lack of transfer business is very disappointing and wasn’t for the lack of trying but as I have always maintained we shall never enter into a bidding war for a player whose price escalates beyond our own valuation.
Unfortunately, this has meant that we missed out on our striker targets ahead of Thursday’s deadline insofar as two have signed elsewhere and one has not moved. Obviously, this is very disappointing but, under my watch, this club shall never repeat the mistakes of the past and we will continue to operate on a commercial and financially prudent basis.
That said we must not forget that we have already brought in ten new senior players this summer and we are still hoping to bring some loan players in before the end of the month. So far we have only signed one loan player.

What with the World Cup and the transfer deadline being brought forward three weeks earlier than usual it has made completing transfers far more difficult and has highlighted just how crazy the market has become.
In some instances the transfer fees and salaries that have been quoted and paid have been inflated even for players lower down the leagues, which as I have already said has resulted in us missing out on several players this window because other clubs  have been prepared  to pay inflated  transfer fees and salaries.

Clubs were hanging on to players they wanted to move on to the very last minute in the hope of achieving an inflated price and in some cases that is what has happened and those who have not been sold will probably now go out on loan.

With the ‘loan window’ still open until the end of the month, what you will see happening is clubs signing players on loan and with an option to buy in January, when the transfer window opens again.

As you will be aware it’s been a very busy summer at the stadium with two successful concerts and the Rugby League Challenge Cup semi-finals, and football-wise we have brought in an additional ten new senior players to strengthen the squad with a wealth of quality and experience.

Saturday’s opening day victory against West Bromwich Albion will live long in the memories for all those who visited. Not only was our victory deserved but we more than matched our opponents who, in all but name, are a Premier League team. That performance was a good barometer of how far we have come as a group and is testament to all the hard work the staff and players have put in over the summer.
Of course, as they say one swallow doesn’t make a summer, and I can guarantee you all that they won’t get complacent with that result.
On Saturday we face a Bristol City side who will fancy themselves to finish in a high position this campaign and we must be on guard for that threat.

This will be the first of three home games in August, which include the back-to-back matches against Birmingham City and Sheffield United, and with your help and support we will be aiming to get off to a flying start ahead of the international break next month.

Thank you to everyone who has bought season tickets this summer and taken advantage of the benefits of committing your support in advance. It really is greatly appreciated by everyone at the club. For those who haven’t yet purchased them, there is still time so please act now. Please click here for more details. The more season tickets we sell, along with match day tickets, hospitality and merchandise sales the more income we have to take this club to the next level.

Like I have said in the past, a full and passionate University of Bolton Stadium not only makes it an intimidating arena for our opponents, but it also boosts and inspires our players. If we get off to that flying start and maintain the momentum then who knows what will happen come May.
So, please bring along your friends, families and colleagues and let’s start as we mean to go on and make the University of Bolton Stadium an intimidating fortress this season.
The home and away shirts are proving to be very popular and are selling very well. Please visit Bolton Central or order online at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to buy them and wear your colours with pride. It’s always good to see that wall of white at the stadium and it really does help with the overall atmosphere.

Earlier in the week, our Academy received some good and welcome news in that it has had its licence renewed to continue to operate at Category 2 status for a period of two years.
Over recent years the Academy has made great strides and is very much the future of the club. The success of the under 18s and under 23s last season was indicative of this and we are all looking forward to seeing the progress of our youngsters.
I'm very much looking forward to the Bristol City game on Saturday and truly believe we have strengthened the squad.
I am very optimistic for the season ahead.
Kind regards,


152 Re: Ken Anderson - update. on Fri Aug 10 2018, 01:06


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
I also hope that this loan with a view to buying thing works out for us and with luck, the ones we get make the grade - they'll be needed for our campaign, so please don't sign any passengers.

153 Re: Ken Anderson - update. on Sat Aug 11 2018, 14:37


Pre match interview with Anderson by Iles before the Bristol City home game today -

OK. Some bits from Ken Anderson's interview with me and Jack Dearden coming up....

KA on loan players.
"We are already talking to two other strikers, a goalkeeper and a left-back. And we are hopeful we will get them done before the end of the month."

KA on squad.
"I think it is stronger. Left-back is the main position, even though we have got players who can cover.
"The Bolton News said this morning that we'd made mistakes by rushing in during previous years. I don't want to repeat those. I'd rather take some time and get the right players in."

KA on Eddie Davies.
"I am very grateful to him for the support and mentoring he has given me when called upon.
"He spent £200m. Was he ill-advised on where that money went, probably yes. Is he the first to admit it? Absolutely."

KA on improving this season.
"You don't want to go over a squad of 23/24 but last season we had to. If you look at the 10 players we've brought in, my own opinion is that we have a better balance."

KA on taking club to 'next level'.
"It's the $64m question. This league is difficult. It's unpredictable. No-one could have predicted what Millwall or Sheffield United did last season.
"If you can get off to a decent start in the season then everyone has a good chance."

KA on the club's financial situation.
"The position we're in is the best position since I came in.
"When I arrived we were losing £18m a year, we had debts here, there and everywhere. We've gradually managed that, and have some way to go.
"We've probably got the least debt in the Championship at the moment.
"I believe we are going to show a small profit this year and as far as I know, looking at other clubs, we'll be the only ones."

Loads and loads more from Ken Anderson to come in The Bolton News, web and print, over the next few days.

(Taken from Iles match blog on Bolton News site)

154 Re: Ken Anderson - update. on Sat Aug 11 2018, 23:54


BBC Radio Manchester interview with KA today (or at least part of one?).

Starts at around 24min 30 secs in and lasts for around 8 minutes.

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