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Ken Anderson - update.

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331 Re: Ken Anderson - update. on Wed Nov 07 2018, 17:56


Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:The Asians have installed Joe Royle and his son on the board of directors, I would think they have the sense to recognise Cook is a good fit for Wigan.I wonder if it would have helped our decision making over the years if we had ex footballers on the board as Wigan did and have
I can't work out why an Asian group would see Wigan as a good money maker assuming they aren;t supporters, perhaps they fancy a gamble on getting them into the Premier League for the TV money.Another Asian group bought Barnsley last year and don't seem to be throwing money at the team
All this division is now is a gambling club, you have to spend money to try and hit the jackpot of promotion.

Unfortunately we are the equivalent of the old man who puts on a 20p accumulator on eleven horses, hoping to strike it big. Some weeks he can't even afford the 20p.

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