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Supporters Trust keeping low profile about taking people's £10's for renewed membership!

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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
i joined the ST hoping they would be able to have real influence on how the club was run and be there to hold whoever the owner was to account, as i suspect most people who parted with a tenner did.

The problem has been the 10,000 they hoped for never materialized and they have somewhere between 2000-3000 member i think? The wind was taken out of their sails when KA took over as it looked the crisis was over and they have never recovered from it. The frosty relationship with KA at the start didn't help either.

I really do hope they go on and become what we want them to be but i just can't see it happening, they seem to be in a mess and not sure what direction to take. 

I never wanted them to take over the club as that would have limited us going forward but they should have some input in how the club progresses.

I don't have any real issue with Bridge and his failed business record, the ST should be more of a pressure group than a fully fledged business in my opinion, but they haven't helped themselves with their poor handling of renewing fees. I personally won't be giving them any more money unless things change radically


@boltonbonce wrote:
@y2johnny wrote:TBF anyone's business can go tits up.  Being self employed makes you all the more aware of it.  If your buriness does go bust does that mean that you should be resigned to the scrap heap and give up on everything?

As it stands at the moment im doing ok, but all it takes is a piece of legislation to change or a new approach to what i do and i may have the same fortunes.  Does that then mean that i should give up on everything and never try to be a success at anything again?

There but for the grace of god.
Quite right Johnny. And despite my reservations about Ken Anderson,I'm willing to give him a reasonable crack of the whip,and that goes for the ST too.
To be fair to them both,I've seen positive signs in recent weeks,and I'm hopeful of a more profitable exchange of views between both parties.
Rather like Brexit, the ST project may take another two or three years to play out,but I'll give them that chance. 
And King Bill is right. Let's give both parties a chance.
I like Ken.  More so than the ST.  My main problem with the ST is the way they jump on anything negative out of the club. Maybe this is what they are supposed to be for ans to challenge things, but the manner in which they do it sometimes makes them come accross as....well.....arseholes tbh.

If they can find the right balance then maybe things can move forward, but my main issue with what sluffy has posted is if youve took a risk with your own business and it goes tits up, your pretty much good for nothing.

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