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Bolton wait for EFL advice as football's coronavirus row intensifies

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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Wanderers are continuing to tread neutral ground in what is becoming an increasingly chaotic argument on the future of the 2019/20 season in Leagues One and Two.

The club is making no comment on reports that a vote will be staged this week on whether to terminate the campaign with 10 games remaining.

It has been widely suggested that the EFL is considering cutting short the season and – after a Premier League shareholders’ meeting on Monday - will poll its members for a suitable way to determine the final league placings.

There are some high-profile objectors to that plan, however, not least Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony, who believes he has support within League One to push for the season to be completed when safe to do so.

“If Premier League and Championship (clubs) get their games back on then League One and League Two need to do the same. Apologies if that upsets people but it’s the right thing to do,” he said, via his official Twitter account.

“My press officer this morning has had four players from League One and League Two on asking for me to call their owners as they concerned their owners are not making enough noise about getting their season finished and so many players want to get back and play.

“Those are all just facts I am relaying. Don't shoot the messenger.”

Wanderers’ situation is such that they can take a back seat in discussions.

Unless relegation is abandoned completely, Bolton’ fate will be to drop into the fourth tier of English football for only the second time in its history.

That would seem a highly unlikely scenario, however, as it contradicts the agreements currently in place between the EFL, Premier League and Football Association – and also creates issues with fixture pileups and the distribution of central monies down the line.

Establishing a method which will determine promotion and relegation without competitive football is looking problematic, however, and the threat of legal action from several clubs seems unavoidable.

Forest Green owner Dale Vince is also unconvinced that the decision to abandon the season has already been taken, based on the comments of EFL chairman Rick Parry.

“It contradicts what Parry said to the select committee last week,” he told TalkSport.

“He said the integrity of the league was important, and it was important that we finished our seasons.

“He didn’t say just the Championship, he said the EFL.

“So I hope this is wrong and I think that it probably is wrong.

“I also don’t accept that finance is the drive here. It doesn’t cost you any less money to not play games than it does to play games.”

The chances of a quick return for Premier League and Championship football were dashed yesterday with Boris Johnson’s announcement that lockdown measures will remain in place until June, when a phased easing of measures will begin.

A two-week quarantine for people coming into the country by air could also have an impact, with many top-flight players still out of the country.



I think good old Ten Bob is alive and well (hope so anyway) and contributing to the comments section of the paper - otherwise who else could this poster be?

Dale Vince isn't interested in money. Says so himself.

He doesn't say much about the million quid a year he draws in interest-free loans from taxpayer subsidised Ecotricity or the £3m fortified mansion he's bought or the £20m Ecotricity money that's been spent, so far, on his Forest Green Rovers vanity project.

So please, Mr Iles, if you want to quote Dale Vince lets have some objective examination of the man who threatened to put Bolton Wanderers into liquidation. You could start by asking one of your chums how much tax Mr Vince has paid on the £9m he's drawn out for himself in the last nine years.

P.S. Vince doesn't own Forest Green Rovers. Ecotricity owns it and Vince has invested two quid in that.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

PS, bonus point for anyone who knows what 'struthionidae' means - I had to look it up!

To be fair to Ten Bob though why is Iles even quoting Vince at all - it's not even as though his opinions  are even heard outside of Forrest Green Rover land? (Couldn't be because he get's nothing at all from FV (I wonder why that could possibly be!!!) and he's had to dig up a talksport comment or two from several days ago that he himself didn't think was worthy to report when it was fresh news and not a week out of date?).

At least Peterborough's Chairman's views had been widely known about for the last few days and to be fair to him I can see his point he's making below -

Keep well Ten Bob - I think everybody on here - fans of your Vince views, or not - do genuinely wish that.


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Dale was on talkSport last month. I'm sure Bob would be interested.

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