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Mission Impossible

Natasha Whittam
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31Mission Impossible - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Impossible Tue Nov 03 2020, 00:18

Hip Priest

Hip Priest
Andy Walker
Andy Walker

y2johnny wrote:
This is a fucked up post that I don't know how to delete. Correct version is below.

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32Mission Impossible - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Impossible Tue Nov 03 2020, 00:19


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

So Sluffy clearly and concisely answered the question re a Mission Statement:

Sluffy wrote:I believe and always have, that Nuts is simply a place to escape to for a few minutes from real life to catch up on Wanderers news and hopefully a bit of a laugh with other whilst you are here.

Not much to aspire to really but clearly all but impossible to achieve.

...ok that should be "others" Smile but it's a good Mission Statement IMO.
I suspect we're getting a bit off mission on this thread though.

33Mission Impossible - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Impossible Tue Nov 03 2020, 00:22

Hip Priest

Hip Priest
Andy Walker
Andy Walker

Norpig wrote:Sluffy think back to before nine bob started acting as he does and this site wasn't as bad as it is now. For some reason you have a blind spot when it comes to him, probably because you share similar views on finance etc. 

To the rest of us nine bob is a patronising person who has openly stated he has no interest in what other posters post. If that's the case then why is he here? This is a forum which i thought meant sharing and offering different opinions and having discussions when you don't agree.

It hasn't been as fun on here mainly because of nine bob but you need to take some responsibility too. You banned the likes of Okocha and xmiles for literally no reason and have have had a running battle with Lusty which has driven people like Glos away.

:clap: :agree:

34Mission Impossible - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Impossible Tue Nov 03 2020, 00:30


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

Just in case anyone wonders, i will probably post tomorrow but i'm not in work. Hope that helps.

35Mission Impossible - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Impossible Tue Nov 03 2020, 00:52



finlaymcdanger wrote:Sluffy,

Which active moderators have the power to implement temporary or permanent bans on this site and what is the process (Eg. 3 warnings and you're out, do they need to seek your approval etc.)?

I'm not attempting to lure you into anything here, just thinking of suggesting a couple of things.


In fact, no offence to intended but I think everyone should give Sluffy a break. I think some new guardrails need to be put in place to take the target off his head. Starting with the moderatos stepping up and doing their jobs if they're empowered to do so.

All the Administrators have the power to ban but in effect there's only three of us about, BTID, Karly and myself.

BTID has made it known he's not overly keen on modding.

In theory any of us can implement a 24 hour ban and in agree amongst ourselves if that is sufficient or it should be extended for a longer period.

In practise there aren't that many bans and most are for a day or even less.

If we have trouble with one particular person in theory they are given three lives and then banned permanently but I'm not here (or should that be hear) to play internet God and I give people as many chances as I can before I'm convinced they aren't going to pack it in and move on along with everyone else.

This is clearly seen by some folk as a weakness, some believe I do it because post count is all that matters - they are wrong, we don't get paid anything for doing this.

It's also clear that modding is not a precise science and there is no text book on how to mod perfectly, my view is that modding is more of an art form in knowing when to give way a bit (I don't think Johnny's behaviour was acceptable yesterday but better to let the storm ride out than to cut it short and make things worse) and knowing when to stand firm.

If we followed our own procedures to the letter there would be a number of people permanently excluded from here after the three strike rule and in all the eight or so years since we started Nuts only one person is permanently banned and that was for attempting to hack in to my personal life.

I see modding more to do with dragging people back from crossing the line too far and giving them a nudge with a short ban when they decide to be persistently abusive or to continually troll.

What other way is there for us all to move on otherwise?

To be honest I don't mind doing the bulk of the modding or having a target on my head the big problem is the games that are being played in the background which overarch all of this and adds 'flavour' to the site but also can and does damage it at times.

Bob is a real poster the xmiles account is fake but people believe the opposite, I post only as myself but people seem to believe I'm Bob, Natasha and probably others too.  The thing though it doesn't matter, believe whatever you want, it is only the internet, the problem is when people believe one side of the story then believe the others side too - and they then know that one of them has taken them for a mug.

Some might laugh at being fooled, unfortunately some will not see it as being any way funny though!

It's just the internet though, it's not meant to be taken seriously though is it?

36Mission Impossible - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Impossible Tue Nov 03 2020, 08:39


Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly

Sluffy wrote:

The questions been answered countless times on here and by ALL the three main Administrators - I can't be arsed wasting my breath again knowing I won't be believed.  Feel free to contact the GDPR and get them to check it out, you probably won't believe them either.

I don't take this stuff seriously I do it mainly for amusement, it makes me laugh at how some people behave on here - we are only a shitty little footy forum when all said and done, nobody visits here other than ourselves and people think they can somehow tell the world where it has all going wrong and tell us all how it can be put right - yeah really!!!

Maybe I'm easily amused or perhaps I'm really sad and pathetic but one thing I'm not is taking this site as serious and in any way meaningful to my life - it isn't.

So Bob's got an opinion about someone working in the NHS, who cares, I mean really who actually cares about his opinion, it's not one I share but I'd never dream of calling him a cunt for it.  People say far worse than that and he's got a right to his opinion if you agree with it or not.

And I'm certainly not prying into your private life, if as it seems you have family issues then I'm sorry for you but you're not alone, my only brother is dependent on the NHS for his life, still doesn't give me any right to call Bob or anyone else a cunt for his views though does it?

Maybe you you should look in the mirror yourself sometimes eh?

The world's a shitty place and it's not inconceivable this Covid could finish me and my brother off before a vaccine is found and that's why I'm holed up playing about on here, hiding from it and dealing with 'screamers' like you to pass my day away.

Christ I'm trolled by fake accounts, people are after my blood because I won't ban an eighty year old who holds an opinion that paid public servants shouldn't be on social media sites during their working day and called a prick and a wanker by someone who set up a rival site aimed at closing this one down and I still let him re-join here and laughed about the past and it is me who is seen as public enemy number one!

I must either be the shittiest mod ever or have a particularly good sense of humour and not take Nuts too seriously then.

Maybe even both!!!

Shalom to you to bro.
Contact GDPR?  GEEZ!  wow.

No family problems, nice assumption.

Always you xmiles, by lusty, by troy, by bread.......there's a common denominator in there somewhere.

Tenbob is MORE THAN Disrespectful to a lot of the members on here, in fact, everyone other then yourself and bonce.

Okay he doesn't lower the tone as much as I do, so what, he's still pissing off a lot of people and causing you to lose good posters.

So Saint sluffy, I know you don't take anything personally, its only the internet after all, but you seem to have taken an almost trump like stance, ignoring facts and spouting rubbish.

Anyway, enjoy your forum, i know it doesn't mean anything to you, it's just fun and nothing is real!  Are any of us real.....I'm certainly confused by who is who.......

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