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The Laughing Policeman

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1The Laughing Policeman Empty The Laughing Policeman on Thu May 11 2017, 20:30


A policeman posted this a few days back on the official GMP facebook site (Salford area).

Seems fair comment to me but he's got in bother for it!

What do you think?

"Good Morning everyone
"An update on what's occurred in the area over the past 24hrs or so. It would be very quiet if it wasn't for one thing...or several "things"
"Kids/Yoofs/Yobs/Delinquents (cross out which one).
"There was a call to Heron Drive, Irlam to youths sitting or jumping on vehicles. The youths had gone home to mummy when officers arrived and no damage was found.
"There was a report of drunken youths on the fields at Sandy Lane, Irlam. Again, they had made off back to mummy, probably claiming that they had been doing their science project homework at a mates. How to get alcohol out of £3.60 dinner money.
"Please try and find out what your little Keanu or Beyonce are doing at night. If they're drinking or smoking weed, there will be signs. If they are, they will no doubt be causing mither in the street.
"Youths were throwing stones at residents houses and residents themselves, from the railway viaduct over Roseway Avenue, Cadishead.
"And finally, there was a call to Tesco at Woodrow Way, Irlam. Security called to report one man and his dog at the Cashpoint machines.
"Many cashpoint areas have points where you can leave deposits for the bank. They did so.... Defecating at the cashpoint... Not the dog.... The man.We have a description (Of the man- not the deposit) and CCTV of the incident. The dog is entirely innocent... Wonder if it's a shih-tzu?
"Only me in today as the PCSO's don't work on Sunday's. They have the day off to play with their crayons and Lego.
"Take care and lock your kids up till school time on Monday."

2The Laughing Policeman Empty Re: The Laughing Policeman on Thu May 11 2017, 20:52


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

3The Laughing Policeman Empty Re: The Laughing Policeman on Thu May 11 2017, 21:01

Natasha Whittam

Natasha Whittam
Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Do people really call their kids Keanu or Beyoncé?

The parents should be locked up.

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