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One armchair missing its owner

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1One armchair missing its owner Empty One armchair missing its owner on Sun Mar 04 2018, 13:25


I'm a bit worried about Wanderlust as he seems to have gone missing since he left his armchair to go to the Norwich game.

He posted a couple of times shortly after the game had finished and has not been heard from since.

As someone who recently took his wife to the beautiful Italian lakes - provided he could receive Radio Nuts over there - I thought I'd give it to yesterday's Chatbox to see if he would pop by to post some of his usual twaddle - he didn't.

Now I often don't see eye to eye with him on many of the things he posts but I do hope he is ok.

He doesn't seem to have been in any sort of a mood from his last posts - we had just picked up a good point away, he wasn't in any particular disagreement with anyone on here at the time and he's not mentioned going on holiday or stomping off from Nuts and it is unusual for him to be away from the site for such a long time - as I say he's not logged in since shortly after the Norwich game (his nearest team to where he lives).

So is he still out there looking for his way back to is armchair?

Did he get caught up with the Beast from the East and stranded in some Norfolk farmers barn or something?

Come home Wanderlust before they send your armchair to the tip!

Seriously I hope you are alright mate.

2One armchair missing its owner Empty Re: One armchair missing its owner on Mon Mar 05 2018, 20:51

Reebok Trotter

Reebok Trotter
Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Perhaps he is on holiday?

3One armchair missing its owner Empty Re: One armchair missing its owner on Mon Mar 05 2018, 22:37


@Reebok Trotter wrote:Perhaps he is on holiday?


It just seemed odd to me that he's suddenly disappeared after he's gone out of the way (earlier this very season) to get access to Radio Nuts/Chatbox when being abroad and not do it again this time - for what was a big game - relegation wise.

It just seems unusual not to have heard from him since an hour after the Norwich game had ended.

4One armchair missing its owner Empty Re: One armchair missing its owner on Fri Mar 09 2018, 13:29


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Sorry to worry you ladies. Nipped off for a bit of winter sun whilst Britain froze but back to annoy you now.

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