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The EFL's favourite owner

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1The EFL's favourite owner Empty The EFL's favourite owner Mon Mar 30 2020, 13:44

Ten Bobsworth

Andy Walker
Andy Walker
Football club owners are not usually well-liked but our Sharon is an exception, or at least she is at the present time.

Before Sharon arrived though, Dale Vince was apparently the favourite owner of some Bolton supporters  because, amongst other things, he didn't like Ken Anderson, gave them a free pint and a free T-shirt, gave money to the Labour Party and campaigned against Brexit.

Anyway I thought that there's more to this chappie than meets the eye and when I started to do a bit of digging, I found out that Dale didn't seem to be paying his fair share of tax and hadn't been doing so for years. And, if people don't pay their fair share of tax, we can't afford the doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers etc etc that we really need, can we?

I only went back nine years but found that in those nine years he'd been drawing interest-free loans averaging a million quid a year. So I thought I'd work out how much money HMRC would collect to help pay for all the services we need, if Dale Vince paid himself a salary like everbody else and how much HMRC would collect, if instead of that, he took an interest-free loan.

I've only done the calculations for the present tax year but if you needed a million quid a year, you'd need a salary of £1,867,000 and HMRC would collect £867,000 in income tax and employees NI and a further £256,000 in employers NI. That's a total of £1,123,000.

How much tax would you pay on a £1m interest-free loan if that's all you had to manage on? £2,500.

So who is Nuts favourite EFL owner, not including Sharon?

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