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Is it me?

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1Is it me? Empty Is it me? Fri Dec 04 2020, 18:14



No I know who I am but I simply don't 'get' social media, or more accurately people's acceptance of what is said on it unquestioningly?

I've just be reading of the very sad case of a little Somali girl aged twelve, called Shukri, who was drowned in the Irwell at Bury last year.

Her mother claimed it was due to racist bullying by her school mates and accused the police of racism

Attiq Malik of Liberty Law became became her solicitors and next followed this -

Shukri Abdi: Drowned girl's mother accuses police force of racism

Indeed she even went on TV - Victoria Derbyshire show on the BBC

The coroners inquest has found that it was all a tragic accident and nothing at all to do with racism or bullying -

Shukri Yahye-Abdi: Schoolgirl's river death 'was an accident'

However social media had already decided that it was all to do with racism and some bloke called Mr Fendi from Bradford started a '' petition because he wanted justice for her 'murder'

Over one million people signed it!!!!

This led to a global campaign and protests for justice for Shukri.

Black Lives Matter made her an 'icon' and the Star Wars actor John Boyega, Malcolm X’s daughter Ilyasah Shabazz, and the US rapper and actor Ice Cube associated themselves and supported the protests.

Andy Burnham joined in as well -

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, has called for “the widest possible investigation” into circumstances surrounding her death.

Yet the school's internal investigation found there had been no bullying - however the family/solicitors branded it a whitewash -

The Independent Police enquiry found there was nothing in the allegations of racism by them -

And following the coroners verdict the family/solicitor are now considering a Judicial Review of the verdict!

I'm very sorry a young child died in a stupid and needless accident but why has the colour of her skin turned this in to an international social media assumption that it was a murder of a black person by white racists involving institutionalised police racist behaviour and including a cover up by the school???

There's something clearly wrong and in many ways dangerous here where it seems to me plenty want to believe any cry of racism to be true.

A million people signing a petition, BLM making her an 'icon', people organising worldwide protests and Hollywood stars getting involved over something that actually wasn't racism at all, just a simple tragic accident.

It's as though people 'want' it to be racist issue even when it's not and believe everything they see on social media to be true without even looking to see what the details actually were first.

My condolences to Shukri's family though.

2Is it me? Empty Re: Is it me? Sat Dec 05 2020, 09:37

Ten Bobsworth

El Hadji Diouf
El Hadji Diouf

Any more of that, Sluffy, and you can forget the idea of sending your grandkids to Eton.

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