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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

Last Man Standing is back for a 10th season! I’m hoping Norpig or Nat is able to run this competition as I’ll have enough to do Smile so in the hope of one of you taking over (both are away I assume) i will start the competition.

Norpig was last season's winner!

Usual Nat's rules apply:

Everyone must take part. No excuses. How difficult is it to make two predictions each week? All you gobshites who think you know football need to step up and prove it. Or you will be mocked.

If you didn't take part last season here are the rules. Pick TWO fixtures from a short list I will give you each week. You must pick a winner (or the draw) and predict the score in both your chosen fixtures.

Everyone who enters will start with 20 lives. Here is how you win/lose lives:

1) You lose a life for each incorrect prediction i.e. you could lose two lives each week.

2) You gain one life for each correct prediction, and an extra life if you also correctly predict the final score. Do this for both fixtures and you can gain 4 lives - and I'll give you an extra bonus life for being so brilliant if you get both scores perfect. So you can potentially gain 5 lives every week.

The winner of the competition will be the "last man standing", i.e. the last one not to have lost all his or her lives.

In the event of more than one person getting to the end of the season (May 2023) with lives still intact, the person with the most lives left will be declared the winner.

If these people have the same number of lives left the winner will be the person who predicted the most correct scorelines.

Things to note:

1) This competition is open to every member of Bolton Nuts, new and old, if you're not registered then I suggest you hurry up.

2) Mods and Admin bellends are free to enter the competition as it is impossible to cheat.

3) You must get your predictions in before kick-off.

4) If you forget to make a prediction you lose two lives. Idiot.

5) People who want to enter should make sure their first prediction is posted before the season starts! I will allow people to enter the competition after the first game, but they will lose two lives for each week they have missed.

If you have any questions please post them here. That's questions about the competition, not how big my tits are.

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