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Behind Enemy Lines - Sheffield Wednesday - BTID Edition

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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Seen as we won I thought I'd do a Nat feature, Behind Enemy Lines - hopefully will tempt Nat into doing these this season, just in an effort to stop my poor attempt Very Happy

The starting elevens have just been named and the Sheffield Wednesday fans are jubilant at such a strong side being named:

jonnyowl - That line-up is not far from what I would like to see in the league!
Fuzzy logics - Strong team that - 0-4
northeastowl - Very attacking line up. Goals goals goals.  0-0
asteener1867 - If that starting line up does not beat Bolton..I will be extremely surprised and a little upset
IstillhateSteveBould - Surprised he's gone with such a ridiculously strong team. Should be beating these comfortably.
Ironman - Wow that team looks great, well done Carlos
Tinkerbell - Big night for Rhodes this as he's probably playing against a team what will end up in bottom 5.just he gets the supply and see what he can do.
Burnsie - Cracking line up there. Still a little concerned that were playing both our current starting centre backs....  suppose we have little choice
asteener1867 - If that team can't beat f.ookin' Bolton..I'm gonna be well miffed, I may even pout
Silkstone Owl - Come on Wednesday, Really hope Rhodes scores a couple tonight would be great for him

Seems the resident pervert is Reesh1867 - I'm hoping for a tit wank off Michelle Keegan
Owling_Wolf puts him straight - You've probably got more chance off Kevin!  

kagoshimaowl - Never checked that it was an 8pm kick off.  Could have had another 20 minutes in bed FFS!!  Its 4 am here!
Asteener1867 seems a little pre-occupied with how many fans are watching their local rivals - I may be behind the times, but how long have Blades fans been going dressed as seats?

The game starts, SiJ has just found out a fun fact and they're expecting to be in the next round

SiJ - Tonight I found out that Accrington Stanley play at the Wham stadium...
The Dukeries Owl - By George!
darklord - do they have a pub? Used to love Wham Bars
Miffed - If we get drawn against them away in the next round will you wake me up before you go go?
Whitechapel Owl - Are you taking the Michael?
Miffed - Old news that mate, they did it last Christmas
Groundhoppingowl - Accrington away would be a good draw, would give our players the chance to play with some real "Freedom".
SiJ - Isn't the draw at 4:30am?
Sloth Lover is quick to respond: Of course not, why would they have the draw at such a ludicrous time? It's at 04:15!

Sheffield Wednesday enjoy a few chances and the fans get excited:

adifferentgame - Unlucky Sam! Sounds like he should have buried it. Twice...
Kagoshimaowl - Winnall misses two.  Come on lads, that's a bit better!
Maddogbob - Ohhhhh chances ahoy!!

Bolton break the deadlock, with a Dervite volley.  1-0 Bolton:

Mr Mercury - Ffs
Whitechapel Owl - FFS
agentwalker - utter poo wednesday
Owling - Oh dear
owl4ever1867 - Fucking.....fuck off!
OwlOnWheels - Nuts (Must be listening on Radio Nuts)
Owls_fan_since_1983 - FFS Come on Wednesday
NorfolkNChance appears to have missed its a cup game - If we don't get 3 points here, we're getting relegated
adifferentgame - Reyt time to concede that is.
GroundhoppingOwl - Dervite volleys home after Wednesday fail to clear a free kick.F*ck.
MPB - Ffffuuuuuuuckkk!!!!!  
Seems Kagoshimaowl is Russian - vvank
Zlin Owl - poo bugga damn
Tinkerbell - Sod it as we got bigger fish to fry this season.
wilyfox - Arsingholes!
WalthamOwl - Of FFFFS
SiJ - Standard.
maddogbob - Urrrgggghhhh well that's annoying.
owls_wawaw - utter dross...the diamond is w$nk
WalthamOwl - poo defending by the sounds of it.
Ronio - We'll get back in this.  COME ON LADS!!
Maxine makes excuses - Concentrating on league.
S1Owl has a theory - They're missing on purpose. Must be.
agentwalker - x million pounds of striking tallent and we can't hit a barn door. ffs get Dave on
Thewaynesday - Least we can concentrate on the league ......
Tinkerbell - Rather have 3pts Saturday tbh.we won't win this competition and league is priority. We need some players in though before end of the window.
Miffed - The script for this season is go behind first then start playing in the second half, Weve got this, don't worry
waddleisgod - Bolton players on about 5k a week max too!!!!
daztheowl - Worappened last time we conceded, gerra grip you lot
@shudavknown - Taxi for you know who, In fact- make it a Mini Bus for one or two more - shameful
@LEWSWFC - Ow fucks sake really???? Dickheads

The ref blows the whistle for half time, and the fans are discussing whats gone wrong:

james O connor - Two obvious problems . Too short to defend set pieces and for all our supposed talent up front can't hit a barn door
Royal_D - You can't coach someone to score from 2 yards out
lukestheman82 - Lets just keep giving head starts then? Turd
Slick - I cant really think of a better way to keep players fit and happy than keeping a winning run going.  Seven changes is crazy IMO.Giving players an opportunity to impress is all well and good in pre-season.  But Bolton are no mugs, they won loads of games last season, particularly at home. BIG test for these players now.
owlmanc - No pace, no movement, little vision, positioning in defence. Just shocking
mike312 - Why do we struggle against poor sides? Hopefully we'll be better second half. The team we have put out should be head and shoulders above bolton.
Sanchez_Jenks - Seems we still can't solve the conundrum of poor starts and first halves. Bizarre that we've had this issue and it hasn't been addressed

Seems the fans have to ask each other about going for a shite - guessing its a good luck thing, like when Breadman wasn't allowed to listen to the matches Very Happy

theowlsman - Do I need to take a dump?
gingerknob1 - Yes quick dump needed
Lawrie Madden - A big big dump
darklord - its all sheite
Andoverowl - Get dumping mate
theowlsman - I'll see what I can do
mr moody - push mate push, show that turd whos boss, wawaw
The Dukeries Owl - Maybe the Owlsman should go for his dump on 66 minutes, we definitely need more firepower in the final Turd.

Dronfield Blue goes back to tyhe football as the 2nd half approaches - What is wrong with us?  Its Bolton FFS and we have a good strength squad out.
Ironman - This sounds bloody awful. What is wrong with us at the moment.

Bolton score a penalty on the 57th minute:

Whitechapel Owl - FFS pen to them
Mr Mercury - Pathetic
Zlin Owl - FFS it gets worse
Kagoshimaowl - All over!
theowlsman is still positive - Have faith. We're going to win
Less so WalthamOwl - flippinguseless.
@Joe__SWFC - Losing to boltons second team haha what are we doing lads
Whitechapel Owl - Rubbish
Owling - Refund the fans who've travelled
A12owl is just happy he doesnt have to get up earkly for the draw - At least we wont have to get up to listen to the draw.
Looks like one of them suffers with tourettes, wilyfox - Shitarsingcuntingholes!
Ironman - Embarrassing.
Simaniac Owl - Just need Madine to score now to really rub it in.
Groundhopping Owl - F*cking abysmal
Suzuki_San - A great side picked tonight, expected so much more.  Sad

Seems Megson still has a fan:

Simaniac Owl's gone crazy! - Get Megson back, seriously
Groundhopping Owl puts him straight - No. seriously.
Simaniac Owl's going to get locked up - Megson would put a winning culture in place
SiJ - Please  stop.

It's Whitechapel Owl birthday and Karacan scores in the 64th minute to make it 3-0:

Whitechapel Owl - 3-0, Worst Birthday ever Sad
Tinkerbell - Pathetic
Maddogbob - Bit rubbish that we are losing
WalthamOwl - What a sack full of crap.
WayneTheOwl - Absolute flipping gash. What a set of useless flaps.
Kagoshimaowl - This is now disgraceful!
SiJ - Well that's a bit pathetic.
agentwalker - ffs, i know its a nonsens cup but show some guts wednesday, this is embarrassing considering the players out there.
sagesse - goodnight. 3-0.
@DaleSugden - Fuckin hell nearly full strength team and we're getting pumped 3-0 in front of 35 Bolton fans
AMB1867 - #CluelessCarlos
Ironman - This is taking the actual p1ss. How depressing
madfan - what a sorry mess.
lukestheman82 is calling for the manager's head - Carlos has to go.
@Hallows1867 - Can I have a refund?
owls_wawaw - strong team against this absolute gash flipping pathetic
owlZfan84 thinks Carlos has Coyle traits - I'm sure Carlos will tell us after the game we played good football.
Simaniac Owl is calling for the savoir again - Megson is needed now.

@_dAveFletcher_ - When my lad is back from holiday I have to tell him how his Wednesday have got on while he's been away - how do I tell him we're so shite?
DavetheBlade - Just tell him your doing as usual?

Great Big Galaa - A relatively strong side and totally done by Bolton. It looks as though it's going to be another up and down season but that's what you're going to get when you constantly chop and change the side. I know squad rotation has got us so far the last two seasons but it's had it's negative side as well.
ReginaldD - Just need Madine to score one to top it off
horny owl is struggling with his english - Yeah but Carlos is still right good or summat
Bluesteel - A "strong side" getting mullered by Boltons reserves.There is no steel in the team for these games, which is why a Carlos side will continue to lose to the likes of Preston and likely Burton.
OxOwl has had enough - I am off to bed
@chrisrishton - sack the cunt
@cop2700 - Rhodes will go down as the worst SWFC investment In history. Not a patch on Hooper.
@DSapeyOwl - Get that fucking useless cunt out of our club before it's too late
@LEWSWFC - You embarrasing cunts. That us out the cup already you wank cunts!!

Sheffield Wednesday make some changes:

adifferentgame seems to excited with the owls sub. - Big Dave coming on.We're saved!
A12owl looks into the rule book - Can a manager be substituted during a game? We are now bringing on our super scoring substitute to rescue the game.
Dronfield Blue - Spineless. The change has to come, can't go on like this.

Sheffield Wednesday score - 3-1 Bolton:

agent walker - goooooooooooolalllllll cc in , top manager
Kagoshimaowl - Get in!!
adifferentgame - Well done JR! Bit scrappy, but they all count!
steelowl - FFS dave
Ronio - yusssss Get in Rhodes.  ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!!
ThisCityIsOurs88 - Carlos in
adifferentgame - God damn it Dave! WHY? WHYYYYYYYY!
mike312 - We're gonna win 4-3, we're gonna win 4-3.
Suzuli_San lets them know the prize on offer here - Round 2 winners would get £7,000, Round 3 10,000, Round 4 15,000.  Teams get 45% of gate reciepts each.
Smegheadowl - our legendary strikeforce couldn't hit a cows arse.
pollhammer3 - Oh hang on...
@LewisSWFCdutton - The comebacks on boys

Rhodes scores to make it 3-2 to Bolton:

TheEnchanter - Get in Rhodes
Baldrick - Game on!
SiJ - Pretty laughable that it required us going 3 down to wake up. Talk about too little, too late.
bluezer - Jordan again ... come on Wednesday
Smegheadowl - Hang on
pollhammer3 - Blimey. Carlos clearly told them to up it 25%
theowlsman - Still going to win this.Maybe.
Kagoshimaowl - Get in.  Come on!!
@b3cky_christie - Announce goals
theowlsman - Dumptastic.
WayneTheOwl - Just 1 more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Both managers are sent to the stands:

Great Big Galaa - This refs been an absolute to$$er.
TheEnchanter - Disgusting from Bolton fans attacking carlos. That's barbaric.
Dronfield Blue - Keep Carlos there and take the team home.
mkowl - Sounds like our coach is showing some fight in the stands after being sent there
TheEnchanter - Carlos had to get defended by Bullen and Phil Parkinson. Police and stewards in stand with them now.
Kagoshimaowl - Nice response but all happened too late and with a minute left it looks like we are going out.  Love the fight but not happy!

Full Time - Bolton win 3-2 and are through to the next round:

Pork - Stewards fighting with Wednesday staff, Wednesday manager throws punches left, right and centre - Parkinson got sent off
ruusowl - Might sound daft but I'd probably have taken a defeat with Rhodes bagging a brace :s
mkowl - So we go down fighting but why or fucking why does it take until 75 minutes and 3 down to start playing like we wanted it
the third man - So is everything OK now we have lost 3-2 and not 3-0?
Lord Snooty - Well chaps, you know what I've always said. Mickey Mouse Cup
Thorpe Hesley OWL was happy with his dessert - At least the beehive did a nice apple crumble for £2.99 with custard
@AaronAPG23 - Anyone who's said Carlos doesn't know how to attack obviously hasn't watched him leather a steward before
@Daniel_Slaney  - So Carlos Carvalhal has been announced on the Mayweather vs. McGreggor undercard!
@Jasper_s91 - Shit cup anyway.
@Lncasey12 - Shit cup yes, but shit display, against a supposedly shit side, CARLOS OUT.
@muldersbf - "Strong finish" mate my mum could have had 22 shots at Bolton and scored at least half of them
@Jamieb83SWFC  - Sheeeeeeit
@therealowl002 - Atleast my mother is safe. Also, show us our staff Avin the stewards??? I'll forgive you then
@Richardmongo200 - Dog shit carlos horse cock out
@Hirstysrightpeg - Fuck energy drink cup




Well done!


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Very Happy Nice one.


Andy Walker
Andy Walker
Excellent... thank you. They should have realised that Pratley would open the door for them!

Natasha Whittam

Natasha Whittam
Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
I only get out of bed for league victories.

I'll be sleeping until Christmas.


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:I only get out of bed for league victories.

I'll be sleeping until Christmas.
Might be longer.
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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Fantastic BTID! :clap::clap::clap:

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