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READERS REACT: foreign investors race to buy Bolton Wanderers

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Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Our readers have been reacting to the news of two foreign investors in a race to buy Bolton Wanderers Football Club.

The Bolton News revealed that two serious offers have been received, one from a US consortium and another from an Asian businessman based in the Middle East.

A figure of £30 million has been put on the table for owner Ken Anderson’s shares in parent company Burnden Leisure.

Most Whites fans are cautiously welcoming the news, but the jury’s still out on Anderson’s legacy and what he should do next.

Here’s what you’ve been saying so far…

“Lets hope its true and he sells to someone with money to take us forward.”

take a bow son

“Fingers, toes, eyeballs and ears crossed. I know this has been said before and you normally only hear about such investment when the deal is actually done, but jeez I hope this happens. Tell the investors that I'll buy them a pint if they do it.”

Jardels Hotpants

“I think I say this for every Bolton fan. Thank you for what you did for us Ken, but we have suffered enough. Please sell up and let us move on and hopefully grow back to being a prem team.”


“Be careful what you wish for. Someone investing 150m+ into the club... How could that go wrong? The scars are still raw from last time. And that was a Bolton fan, not a foreign investor....”


“Having the money is one thing but being a good owner is quite another. I can only hope that part of Ken’s terms are as much about the intentions of the owner as the money side of it. The highest bidder may not be the better option. It's obviously good news so let's just hope it all works out into a sale that's good for the club after everything we've been through in the last ten years.”


“We can only hope this is true and not some attempt to engender some more interest in our ailing football club!!! Any acceptable offer that gets these leeches out of our football club will be a massive move forward!!!”


“I'm glad Ken is talking about selling rather than looking for investors. Got to credit Ken. He saw a wreck of a club, applied a lick of paint and got it back on the market and looks to profit a hell of a lot without ever being at risk. For his faults he's played a great hand and has usually bluffed and bullied to win most hands but think he knows now the time has come to get out.”


“I would be very happy if it comes to fruition but Kens previous old school business methods make me sceptical. It could all be smoke and mirrors to try and force someone’s hand. Interesting times though.”

Ziggy Stairlift



Andy Walker
Andy Walker
Fake news!!!

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