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In Front of and Behind Enemy Lines (apologies to NAT's wonderful repartee)

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Andy Walker
Andy Walker
After beating Birmingham, one our bloggers put it best:
Normal service has resumed! 
As to Anderson’s ability to meet the payroll… it really doesn’t matter:
I wouldn't pay any of them after that performance. They don't deserve a wage and not one of them worthy of the shirt. Magennis is downright lazy, Donaldson's best shot went out for a throw-in, and Parkinson just stands there for 90 mins with his arms folded. Clueless all of them.
Will we find new management to pay the bills soon?
The entire side, from the manager down, is treading water, waiting for the takeover. Parkinson knows he's gone any day now. Soon as it's confirmed, he'll be replaced. 
Watching Ken Anderson’s [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] suffer a painful lingering death. Please sell up or accept administration.
Unless he does something soon matters will be taken out of his hands unless he fancies paying HMRC and the wages out of his own pocket. The noose is tightening.
So what did our side think of Parky today?
Just want to see the headline “Parky Quits” on the BEN next week..
Phil can just leave now. He’s ruined whatever reputation he had at my football club, worst manager we have ever had. 4-0 down and we are extremely lucky it isn’t 7/8.
You play two clueless donkeys up top who more suited to giving children rides on Blackpool beach, then what do we expect.
Club needs a takeover but Pp must be relieved of duties. while we still have a chance to survive.
The fact we have a caveman manager that accepts defeats at home by stating how amazing the opposition are, is the reason we are where we are, the fact he shook hands with their manager before the final whistle then walked down the tunnel before full time shows he's a coward of a manager, put all these factors together and you have Parkinson the clown, just f**k off and resign.
We cant keep using lack of money as an excuse for our poor results, this manager is as bad as its gets. He might well be the cheap option but there must come a time when he knows his limitations. Bloody hell, we are well aware of them. Why dosnt he realise he is out of his depth in this division. He should hold his hands up and say so. I work at the hospital as a domestic and there is a shortage of money. If they said to me one day, " Hey Woppy, we have a lack of surgeons this week and we wanna save some money. Can you do a couple of ops and a few consultations for us" ??? My answer would be no obviously.....maybe Parkinson should of said the same 2 and a half years ago.
Perfect storm = crap team...crap manager....crap more to add
We have Connor Hall on the bench, a perfect opportunity with absolutely zero pressure on him to have a run, But no, we use our last substitute in the 90th minute and it’s Buckley!
This clown doesn't even have the decency to sound annoyed when we lose. At this level he just doesn't have a clue. Worst manager I can recall at our club.
We could lose 16-0 and Ken wouldn’t sack Parky unless he thought it would save or make him money.
Bolton now have the worst home record in the championship, with just 13 points in 17 games
Is there a wheelie bin big enough for this rubbish of players management and chairman, if so use it to dispose of the lot of them.
Some Bolton fans have resorted to head banging.
So humiliating being a Bolton I just wish this nightmare will end .Anderson and Parkinson should hang their heads in shame if they are both here next season the ground will be empty.
Not sure about hanging my head. Maybe banging it. Repeatedly. On every solid surface I can find.
Just how good was Norwich?
By May, I think there will be 2 divisions separating us...
Today was like a training field exercise for Norwich with 10 immobile dustbins to get round - in fact we might have had more blocking power with dustbins. 
Norwich have just reminded me how beautiful football can be.
They have a corner and even their tea lady is having a shot or two. 
What did Norwich fans have to say?
Leeds will be licking their lips for next Saturday, surely Bolton can't be this bad again
Final word from one Bolton supporter:
Always said I would never walk out early from a Bolton game but after watching that shite today I don’t feel one bit guilty about walking out. Fucking disgrace [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
And these final words – Pick the best from these two quotes:
It’s fact I’d rather own up to being in love with a horse than a Bolton supporter at the minute.
Wanderers are going down faster than an American hooker on dollar special night...


Tony Kelly
Tony Kelly
A good read. I think the Norwich fan can expect a stronger Bolton performance at Leeds, Parky is more competent at organising this season's collection of free transfers away from home.
If Ken is still here, Bolton will no doubt have a team of different free transfers next season.Who knows if Parky will be better at home or away with them


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Shows how many fans haven't yet got a proper grasp on the harsh reality of our situation.

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