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Message from the Chairman Sharon

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1Message from the Chairman Sharon Empty Message from the Chairman Sharon Thu Dec 26 2019, 13:11


I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Board, staff and players, to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020.
Christmas is an appropriate time to reflect and to focus on the important matters that are close to our hearts: our families and our loved ones.
It’s been just over three months since we arrived at the club and the response we continue to receive from everybody has been incredible.

Prior to taking over the reins we heard about how much of a family club Bolton Wanderers is; but it is only when you are actually welcomed into the family that you start to truly appreciate and experience the emotions and passions that make our club so special.
There are many components which make a football club what it is but the supporters and staff are the bedrock. That they have stuck with the club through arguably its most arduous period in living memory is a testament to their loyalty and love.
I will never forget the first time I met our supporters at Wycombe Wanderers and the meeting we had with the club and hotel staff shortly afterwards at the University of Bolton Stadium. Their affection for Bolton Wanderers and their sense of togetherness was so palpable on both occasions.
Meeting the Community Trust and hearing about all their work not only within the community of Bolton, which is exceptional, but how they have supported the staff throughout the dark days of administration was so heart-warming to hear.
The great institutions of Bolton – the Council and University – have also been great supporters of ours and our relationship will only continue to grow stronger as we proudly and diligently represent the community of Bolton.

Even though these past three months have flown by, a lot has happened to get the club back on the right footing and there is still much more to do. Emma Beaugeard and her team have been working non-stop behind the scenes to ensure that a sustainable structure is in place and that the relationships which were broken in the past are mended and enhanced.
Getting a new home and away kit and appointing Home Bargains as shirt sponsor in record time after the season had started – a process that usually takes many months – is just one example of how we have overcome the challenges that faced us when we arrived.
On the football side, it is pleasing to see the work that Keith Hill and David Flitcroft are undertaking. Their enthusiasm for the town, the club and the community is abundantly clear. They have worked miracles to get in a squad of players ahead of the deadline and those players have completely bought into the club’s ethos.
I realise that we must now look forward to the future and I promise that one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to not mention the past!
Immediate success doesn’t happen overnight and we are all working assiduously to ensure that Bolton Wanderers Football Club is re-energised, reinvigorated and revitalised.

The continued support of our fans, staff and the community – the heart and soul of our club – is as crucial as it has ever been, and with us all working closely together we can achieve our objectives.
Have a wonderful Christmas Day and I look forward to seeing you back at the University of Bolton Stadium on Sunday for our game against Shrewsbury Town.

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2Message from the Chairman Sharon Empty Re: Message from the Chairman Sharon Tue Dec 31 2019, 13:27


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
And a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you, the Board and your team Sharon. Thanks for saving us.

3Message from the Chairman Sharon Empty Re: Message from the Chairman Sharon Fri May 01 2020, 22:39


A message from the Board

Dear all, we wanted to provide you with a further update in relation to the recent developments at the Club as we continue to feel the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak.
There is obviously a lot of speculation regarding the return of football. We are involved in all discussions with the EFL and our fellow clubs and continue to await further guidance with regards to the potential next steps.
Our focus is the safety of our staff and supporters and we would therefore only support a ‘return to play’ if protocols can be put in place, and adhered to, which ensure everyone’s health is not compromised and there is no additional strain placed on the emergency services.
At times like these, there are many things which are more important than football. That being said we miss match days greatly as we’re sure you do too.

The uncertainty regarding the potential conclusion of the 2019/20 season presents various issues which are being grappled with across the game. Most notably the expiry of player contracts in June.
We have endeavoured to put ourselves in as flexible a position as possible so that we can react to the eventual decision which is taken by the EFL. However, we hope, for all clubs, that there will soon be some clarity to allow us the opportunity to plan, whether that be to finish this season or start the 2020/21 season.

Following brief and amicable discussions we are pleased to say we have reached an agreement with our playing staff and football management regarding the deferral of salaries. Both the players and football management made it clear to the Board that they wanted to play their part and support the Club, in unity with fellow employees.
We are extremely thankful to them for this support.

We are in a situation where we have very little income coming into the Club or Hotel, this seems likely to remain for the foreseeable future. It is therefore imperative that we maintain as low a cost base as possible so that we can be in a position to rebuild at the earliest opportunity.
The ongoing support received from our staff and supporters, for which we are ever grateful, allows us to do this.

Whilst our plans have been paused by the severe ramifications of the pandemic, please rest assured that we remain fully committed to the Club and Hotel. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our investors for their support at this time.

You will no doubt have seen that the lockdown has provided an opportunity for us to stream footage of notable matches. Most recently the League Cup semi-final against Aston Villa.
Seeing the passion and support the fans have shown for the Club is heartening and despite the difficulties faced in the last 8 months we are very much looking forward to restarting the journey of getting us back where we belong.

We are continuing to work closely with Bolton Council and the NHS to support them where we can. In addition to hosting key workers in the Hotel and using the Premier Suite as a food distribution centre, we have also now opened the car park for a drive through testing centre to service the local area.
This is to be utilised in line with the Government guidance regarding testing. It is an honour to be able to assist the key workers along with the NHS and Bolton Council as they work hard to get through this crisis. 

Our charity arm of the Club, Bolton Wanderers Community Trust, has also been responding to the crisis in a whole variety of ways, including keeping in touch with some of the most vulnerable in the community, responding to meet their needs at this time, and in partnership with other key charities in Bolton making sure the wider Bolton family is being supported.
This includes working with Urban Outreach who have been responding to the humanitarian needs by providing vital food parcels. We are grateful that our players, manager, and backroom staff have also donated to this great cause.
Lastly, and most importantly, we know that a number of our fellow Bolton supporters and staff have lost loved ones over the last two months as a result of the pandemic. Irrespective of the sporting and financial ramifications, this is the true horrifying cost of the crisis. Our hearts go out to you all.

Please stay safe and thank you for your ongoing support.

Kindest regards
Sharon and Michael

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4Message from the Chairman Sharon Empty Re: Message from the Chairman Sharon Mon Aug 17 2020, 10:45


A message to supporters from the Board

BOLTON WANDERERS Chairman Sharon Brittan has penned a message to all our supporters ahead of season tickets going on sale later today.

We know you are all eager to hear about season tickets for the forthcoming Sky Bet League Two campaign and I’m now delighted to say that we are going on sale today.

You will have seen our summary information which was published on Friday and we hope that this answers any questions that you may have regarding the forthcoming season.

We have spent a lot of time working hard behind the scenes to contend with the complexity that the pandemic has presented us with. Your patience has been appreciated especially as we know you share our great excitement following Ian’s appointment and the new players he has brought into the Club.

There are so many variables and questions to answer, but one thing we know for certain is your enduring commitment to the club you love.

The world is very much a different place to what it was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everybody’s day-to-day lives have been impacted in one way or another. While a return to ‘normality’ might be a long way off, society and businesses are all adapting to implement the changes needed to move forward.

Here at Bolton Wanderers Football Club, we are no different. We have made no secret of the effects which have been felt from the pandemic. However, we have done everything we can to make sure this does not quell our ambitions on the field as we aim for promotion this season.

One of the effects of the pandemic is that we are striving to make the stadium as ‘digital’ as possible, not only to streamline the service but to be more environmentally friendly and also to save time and costs for the Club.

Our intention was to try and reduce as many costs as possible associated with the season ticket so that a reduced price could be offered to supporters.

This included the production and distribution of cards in all cases. However, we recognise that a number of supporters may not be able to utilise the new system and prefer to use their season ticket card.

In recognition of this we are therefore withdrawing the charge for those supporters who request a card but would still encourage as many fans as possible to use the digital ticket system.

We were astounded by the response to the recent survey with so many of you waiving a refund from last season’s games that didn’t take place. We cannot thank you enough for this commitment you have shown us.

We would also like to thank the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust for their support with the initiative. We will be announcing the plans for the prize draw later this week which will be run in conjunction with Bolton FM.

We have also received numerous requests from supporters who are looking to assist the Club in any way they can. This response is overwhelming and we are continually humbled by your support.

Given the number of requests, you will see an additional option at the end of the season ticket purchase process where you can make a voluntarily contribution to the Club and to support the work carried out by our Community Trust that is helping so many in the town affected by the pandemic.

Amongst many other initiatives, you have come forward offering support to help get the University of Bolton Stadium in shape for the coming season. For example painting, decorating or any other skillset you may wish to volunteer.

We want to embrace your passion so if you have any ideas or ways which you would like to support us please send an email to [].

Full details of the season ticket offering will be published later today on and we can’t wait for you to join us as we embark on this next chapter.

You have been unwavering in your support of the Club since takeover, and it so appreciated and important to us. The Club’s togetherness is as vital as it always has been and we are all looking forward to a brighter future.

We are one Club, one Community, one Town and together we will be stronger.

Keep safe and take care of your loved ones

Sharon and Michael ​

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5Message from the Chairman Sharon Empty Re: Message from the Chairman Sharon Mon Aug 17 2020, 10:49


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Glad to see they've changed their mind on charging extra for an actual card. I tried to use digital tickets last year and i didn't work very well.

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