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Interesting COVID News?

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1Interesting COVID News? Empty Interesting COVID News? Tue Nov 17 2020, 16:17


El Hadji Diouf
El Hadji Diouf

Mouthwash is able to kill COVID-19 within 30 seconds of exposure to it in a laboratory, a scientific study has found.
The preliminary findings, which are yet to be peer reviewed, come ahead of a clinical trial investigating whether over-the-counter mouthwash can reduce the levels of coronavirus in a patient's saliva.

The research, which was conducted at Cardiff University, found that mouthwashes containing 0.07% of the ingredient cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) showed "promising signs" of reducing COVID-19.
Live updates on coronavirus from UK and around world

Interesting COVID News? Skynews-coronavirus-molecule_5151468
Image:A clinical trial will look at the effectiveness of using mouthwash to reduce the viral load of COVID-19 among patients

These findings support another recently published study which identified that CPC-based mouthwashes are effective in reducing the viral load of coronavirus.

Scientists conducted tests in a laboratory mimicking the conditions of a person's nasopharynx and oropharynx passages, using mouthwash brands such as Dentyl.

Reserachers say Venture Life Group, which makes Dentyl, provided information to the study but did not fund it. The same company will fund the next stage of research.

source :: SKY NEWS

2Interesting COVID News? Empty Re: Interesting COVID News? Tue Nov 17 2020, 17:05


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse

It dies if you blowtorch it or pour sulphuric acid on it too - which is about as much use to a human as mouthwash if you catch it by the usual transmission method i.e. inhaling it into your lungs.

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