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I'm Back and I'm Out

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1I'm Back and I'm Out Empty I'm Back and I'm Out Sun Mar 14 2021, 13:38


Jay Jay Okocha
Jay Jay Okocha

I have finally had it with being repeatedly trolled and banned by a person who is too pathetic to admit they have made a mistake.

I was banned yet again on Friday for post 730 on the Vince Watch thread. How anybody could think post 728 was trolling is beyond rational explanation. I refuse to put up with being bullied and won't be posting on this site again.

Now sluffy and his sock puppet Bob can carry on destroying the site in peace.

Thank you to all the good guys on this site - you know who you are - for the humour, chat and Bolton stuff. Goodbye.

2I'm Back and I'm Out Empty Re: I'm Back and I'm Out Sun Mar 14 2021, 13:47



You were banned for deliberate trolling and intent to cause yet another arguement on here - which this post clearly intends to incite as well.

The ban was done as per the sites protocol and with the knowledge of ALL the Administrators active on the site.

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