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Teacher handed lifetime ban for having sex with pupil after meeting her in a club

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Andy Walker
Andy Walker

Should he have been banned from teaching? IMO he shouldn't be as the girl was 17 and the legal age is 16. She was in a nightclub, drinking where you must be 18, so she's obviously lied to get in there in the first place. How was he suppose to know she was a student at the school he taught at?


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
It doesn't make sense to me that the criterion for being allowed to have the ban reviewed later is entirely based on someone's subjective opinion of whether or not "he appeared to show remorse". How stupid (and corrupt) is that?
Basically he got banned for life because some unqualified amateur psychologist thought he knew what the guy was thinking.
Surely the teacher should have been judged on the event itself.
And as the act was legal and consensual "morality" doesn't even come into it as society has already decided what is morally right in making the law.
Finally, why is the guy getting banned at all? Is it because he is at risk of behaving perfectly legally again in the future?

I'm wondering if Alan Meyrick is the idiot that comes on here and writes "Dougie thinks...."


I think the ban has more to do with the fact that he panicked and lied to the Plod.

That undermines his credibility and gives his employers cause to doubt his integrity and trustworthiness.

He's in a position of trust as a teacher and lying to the Plod is seen as a big "no no."

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