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Le Pen - The next after Brexit and Trump?

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1Le Pen - The next after Brexit and Trump? Empty Le Pen - The next after Brexit and Trump? on Sun Feb 05 2017, 17:54


French elections coming up in April and Marine Le Pen (a sort of Nigel Farage/Trump equivalent I guess) is in with a shout of winning and has set out her presidential election manifesto with a twin attack on globalisation and radical Islam.

Le Pen - The next after Brexit and Trump? _93971400_037711812-1

Arguing that the FN was the party of the French people, Ms Le Pen said she wanted a "free, independent and democratic country".
Globalisation, she said, meant "manufacturing by slaves for selling to the unemployed" while the FN solution was a "local revolution" guided by "intelligent protectionism and economic patriotism".
She said the EU was a "failure" which had "kept none of its promises", and she promised to renegotiate French membership fundamentally, and would call a referendum on leaving if the attempt failed.
Referring to the knife attack at the Louvre this week, she warned of the threat of radical Islam, painting a dark picture of a France under the "yoke of Islamic fundamentalism" where women would be "forbidden to enter cafes or wear skirts".
France has about five million Muslims - the largest Islamic minority in Western Europe.
Earlier, FN deputy leader Florian Philippot predicted a new appetite for politics inspired by Brexit and Mr Trump.
"People are waking up," he told the audience in Lyon on Sunday. "They see Brexit, they see Trump and they're saying to themselves: 'It's worth going to vote'."

Should be fun to watch!

Vive la France.


El Hadji Diouf
El Hadji Diouf
The Dutch are the next to go to the polls and there is every possibility that a right of centre anti establishment party will be the largest party, although they are unlikely to be able to form an effective coalition in government. Brexit may become a sideshow on the continent in the next few months, which will not help the UK to negotiate leaving any easier.


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Funny system of election in France so with Marine Le Pen giving the National Front a chance after sacking her dad from the party she should do well in the first round, but once the candidates start to thin out a bit, I imagine that they'll gang up against her and make Macron the President.

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