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British Coal and Steel

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1British Coal and Steel Empty British Coal and Steel on Tue Jan 17 2017, 12:34


Nat Lofthouse
Nat Lofthouse
Buoyed by Trump's olive branch words, Theresa May is espousing a return to free trade which we haven't fully seen since the 50s when our cotton industry was finally finished off drowning under the tide of cheap foreign textiles that flooded into Britain.
But Trump is taking a different strategy in the US - protectionism against imports and a revitalisation of America's coal and steel industries. He's tearing up environmental agreements, has appointed a guy who believes global warming is a hoax as head of the Environmental Agency, is funded by coal and (fracking) gas producers and has appointed his backers to his executive so they'll pretty much have a free hand.
I know that May is being incredibly vague about the trade deals she wishes to negotiate, but I'm wondering if any agreement between the UK and the US will at some stage involve handing our remaining mainland coal and gas resources to private companies to exploit with open cast mining and fracking? Will we also ignore climate change in the interest of propping up the economy and creating jobs?

Trump's promises to the US Coal industry

2British Coal and Steel Empty Re: British Coal and Steel on Fri Jan 20 2017, 23:32


Andy Walker
Andy Walker
I work in the mining industry, i worked through the demise of British coal, at its death we went into the overseas market, it proved successful, we eventually became taken over by an American company.  

The UK underground business is now non existent, Some activity still exists in the UK in the open cast (Surface mining) but it is very small. Despite a surplus of coal still underground.

So Trump offers the mining industry a way back whilst completely ignoring fears of global warming. 

I see the US mining industry having an upsurge, i do not think that it will have a positive impact on the UK market, the conservatives (under Thatcher) destroyed the Uk Market i cannot see any investment taking place under the same regime.

Fracking that's different despite concerns these clowns are over ruling local concerns, i see this has a disaster waiting to happen.

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