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Coronavirus - will we survive?

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991Coronavirus - will we survive? - Page 34 Empty Re: Coronavirus - will we survive? Mon May 11 2020, 18:05


@Natasha Whittam wrote:Sorry to hear that Norpig, hope it's just a cough and nothing more.

Yes, we all do.

I think from reading this she can be tested (on the basis that you and/or your wife can not do your work from home) and I think you and your wife can have one in your own right anyway (are you classed as a key worker?) if your employer (the hospital) simply refers you (and your daughter (and wife and son) as well?)

Hope this helps -

Who can get tested?

At first, across the UK, the focus was on the sickest patients in hospitals, followed by health, care and emergency services staff, then other essential workers and their families.

Most recently in England, testing has been expanded to include anyone with symptoms who is:

- over 65
- cannot do their work from home
- living with those identified above

Key workers across the UK who are self-isolating because they or a family member have coronavirus symptoms can be referred for a test by their employer or apply online. 

If a test is negative, a key worker can return to work if they are well enough, have not had a high temperature for 48 hours, and those living with them test negative.


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